How to ensure the right quality of Fe 500D TMT bars for your constructions

As a conscious customer and to secure your dream home, it’s imperative for you to understand the quality of the TMT bars that form the foundation of your constructions. With the right knowledge of understanding the quality, customers can choose the quality and appropriate raw materials from the designated dealers and sales representative. Fe 500D rods are the most secure and quality bars available in the market today that protect your homes from natural disasters while giving them the flexibility and superior strength for their custom constructions.

To make this choice easier, we are sharing some ways you can check the quality of the Fe 500D rods available in the market.

1. Manufacturing Brand
Researching about manufactures of the TMT bars will give you a fair idea about their specific production cycle, quality tests they maintain for the exacting quantities of sulphur, phosphorus and carbon in the Fe 500D grade, and the number of years they have been in the market. It is easier to trust a brand when you understand their process and manufacturing guidelines and how strongly they adhere to the quality standards laid out. Buying from the dealers that are affiliated with such trusted brands is highly recommended.

2. Quality check reports
Top brands focus on quality and also maintain detailed reports from top laboratories to showcase their dedication to preserve the pristine quality of their products. Therefore, such brands share consistent reports on their raw materials with their dealers which can be made available for you to check and understand. With these reliable reports on the exacting factors of raw-material quantity, consistent quality of the Fe 500D rods, process compliance for the superior rods, etc, you are more informed about the products you are buying that form the primary foundation of your homes and other constructions. For the Fe 500D variant, the quantities of sulphur, phosphorus, and carbon are instrumental for the quality of the rods and they cannot exceed the following amounts in the reports, as per the BIS prescriptions:
Carbon level: 0.25
Phosphorus level: 0.045 
Sulphur level: 0.045
Phosphorus and Sulphur combined levels : 0.080

3. Symbol of Certification
Every industry is validated for quality standards and the brands and companies who adhere strictly to the carefully curated guidelines are rewarded with a symbol of trust via the identifiable tags and marks. For the Steel industry, the reputed BIS mark exhibits the superior quality in the products and processes of the manufacturing industry. This mark is available for every product produced such a company. Look out for such certification marks to ensure that you are buying quality products from your dealers.

4. Trusted Dealer
Dealers or sales representatives who tie-up with quality brands are the ones to trust to deliver quality products for your requirement. Buying from conscious dealers who are determined about collecting all necessary reports for the raw-materials, processes, etc while also doing their own tests and research can be believed to provide quality products. Get reviews and comments about the dealers from other builders and customers who have bought the products from them in the past to make an informed decision.

With these steps covered, you can ensure that the products you are buying are not only value for money but also impart the long-lasting protection the Fe 500D TMT rods promise. For Agni Steels, our 400+ trusted dealers are available all over South India to distribute our quality Fe 500D bars that complies with all the necessary guidelines and is accredited with the respected BIS mark.



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