How we ensure competitive pricing without compromising on quality

Since 1992, Agni Steels has been manufacturing quality steel products for Indian masses. A large number of reformations have been incorporated at every step to make the production process further economic while offering relevant products at competitive prices. Here’s a list of a few methods that Agni Steels has incorporated in its Manufacturing processes to provide value for money to its customers:

  1. Focus on Maintenance: Our most notable method of saving funds as a steel manufacturing business is to manage the whole Manufacturing process efficiently. We carry this out hosting quality checks regularly and maintenance shut-downs periodically, for the efficient functioning of the machinery. The failures caused technical problems are therefore minimized. With maintaining assessments of individual sub-processes, we ensure that the funds are spent only when they’re needed. Better supply-chain and inventory report management help us upgrade or downgrade storage facilities, which consume 25-30% of the total funds required for the process.  Breakdowns are avoided at all times, as they halt the otherwise continuous process, which results in expensive delays.
  2. Process Re-engineering: Another method that we use regularly is to reverse-engineer the entire process of Manufacturing without compromising the quality of the products. Methods like heat-recovery, steam-water re-generation, and recycling scrap contribute to making the production energy-efficient. Our efforts geared towards sustainability led to the construction of a 0.75MW Windmill in 2001, followed a second 2MW windmill in 2017. These windmills are used to generate clean energy to supplement our manufacturing activities, and to help us save energy up to 23% of the total amount of energy consumed. Over 20 years, these wind turbines will deliver 80 times more energy than the cost that was utilized in their production and maintenance.
  3. Recycling: Scrap recycle is a no-brainer for every steel manufacturer. The large amounts of funds spent on raw materials – Iron ore and coke are drastically reduced if the steel is recycled from outsourced scrap. Recycled steel retains up to 100% of its quantity without compromising any of its qualities. Agni Steels promotes the recycling of scrap steel. It also results in a better waste management as in-house wastages are melted and recycled. The cost for setting up a division of the industry specifically for processing scrap metal has been far less than the amount of savings we obtained. Here at Agni Steels, we like to give a little back to nature, promoting recycle and other green technologies.

Numerous other methods of maintaining up-to-date machinery and software, cross-docking, and optimizing the area for the plant are also used at our manufacturing facilities. Right from the shift from ingots to billets and adopting CCM (continuous casting machine) instead of moulds, all of the major changes have been made in order to keep up with the ever-changing manufacturing technologies and their applicability. Agni Steels has been providing a benchmark for emerging steel manufacturers in India. Being a leading manufacturer of TMT Steel Bars in India, ensuring value for money without compromising on the pristine quality of our product has always been our prime objective.

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