Steel Minister Birender Singh calls for the Indian Steel Industry to fulfill its vast potential

On Tuesday, the 12th of September, Union Steel Minister Birender Singh called for the Indian Steel Sector to fulfill their role towards making India the largest producer and consumer of steel in the world.

Speaking at the KATM conference on raw materials for steel and power, the Minister was clear that the government, Indian society and the steel makers each have roles to play towards increasing steel production and consumption in India. The Steel Industry has to be proactive in creating an ease of doing business, as well as increasing production to meet the need for new Infrastructure.

He says “Steel consumption can grow only when we will improve our lifestyle, living standard. Everybody wants a better life, house and in it I expect 70% steel and 30% rest of the items.” while pointing out the opportunities for Steel producers in India. 

India has the potential to equal the world average per capita steel consumption. At present, the world per capita steel consumption is 208 kg and that can be achieved in India, Singh said. The National Steel Policy in India aims to increase the per capita steel consumption to 158 Kg/person 2030-31, from a current consumption of 61 kg/person in 2016.

The need for fresh infrastructure to provide amenities like clean water, toilets, affordable housing, education and healthcare should be seen as an opportunity for both profit and upliftment steelmakers..

Agni Steels is a believer of the vast potential of the Steel Sector in this country, and will be a part of the tide of change that uplifts the Infrastructure in this country.


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