The benefits of Agni Steel’s fully automated rolling mills

Agni Steels’ TMT bars are produced using a fully integrated manufacturing process. From the very beginning of the process, we use products that are either produced in-house or procured with particular attention to integrity. The iron ore is sourced from South Africa and Karnataka, specially selected for its high Iron content and minimal impurities. The Sponge Iron (DRI) and Billets used to produce the final product are both also produced in-house under the same strict quality standards and supervision we afford our TMT steel rods.

These are produced in the pride of every Agni facility, our fully automated Rolling mills that preserve quality, impart unique properties while also ensuring a high production yield with absolutely minimal wastage. The following are the benefits our customers receive through our products being produced in these rolling mills:

1. Pre-Stressed Strands

Agni’s fully automated rolling mills feature pre-stressed strands, which imprint ribbing along the periphery of the steel rod. These transverse and longitudinal ribs help the steel rod form a secure bond with the concrete-cement mixtures surrounding it. This enhances structural integrity and reduces the chances of cracks forming due to gaps between the TMT rod and concrete.

2. Even weight and roundness

The rolling mill controls the shape of the final product, and our rolling mills are created to impart even weight and roundness throughout the length of the steel rod. This not only makes convenient in terms of transport, but the on-site workability of the rod is also enhanced.

3. Quenching and Tempering

Our TMT steel rods go through a staged cooling process, during which it develops the unique properties that make it a TMT steel rod. The process is aimed to achieving perfect tempering on the outside of the steel bar, which grants it extreme hardness. It is also meant to allow the inside of the bar to cool gradually, turning into a core of malleable ferrite-pearlite.

Each of these processes are extremely vital to the state of the final product. Our fully automated Rolling mills allow us to control and monitor the manufacturing process, perfecting it to ensure the elimination of defects. Using automation at this stage also allows us to ensure standardization of quality throughout the entire yield.

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