The Importance of Conveyer Belts in a Steel Manufacturing Factory

With the industrial revolution, came the invention of Conveyer belts and the Iron and Steel industry was very eager to employ this advanced technology in their processes. The range of conveyer belts made product handling and transport, a smooth and convinient process. Industries today, cannot imagine a seamless functioning without conveyer belts in their setups.

The main reasons that conveyer belts are so popular in Steel manufacturing plants are:

  • Profitable: 
    With this automated machine, the labour needed to handle the products is reduced to a great level. Also, the speed and high efficiency allows greater productivity and therefore increases the product output in a Manufacturing company. The lifeline of these belts is very long and it is very profitable to any industry to incorporate these systems.
  • Flexibility:
    Due to the different variants avaialble in the market today, conveyere belts can be customized to meet a factory’s requirements. The operations are hassle-free and the systems are prepared for loading and unloading of raw-materials, semi-finished, and finished products over long distances. The longest conveyer belt in the world is 61 miles long, present in the Western Sahara territory in Morocco
  • Maintainence:
    Conveyer belts are manufactured keeping in mind its application in the Metal industry and therefore are built to ensure low-maintainence of these machines. It is also heat-resistance, sturdy, and resistant to adverse conditions. The mechanism is prepared to operate for long durations, handling heavy-load transportation, without any downtime and hiccups. These machines are durable and extremely reliable.
  • Bulk Material handling: 
    The construction of conveyer belts for Steel Industries ensures strong and effective mechanism that is easy-to-operate and carries large volumes of material. The bulk handling of products and raw-materials is the major attraction of this machine. The robust and planned belting system ensures there are no damages to the products being transported.

Conveyer belts form an integral part of all our processes at Agni Steels and help us maintain and handle our production systems and processes. These advanced technologies enable our workforce to be more productive and enable them to maintain a steady flow of the finished products to the market.


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