Tamil Thalaivas vs Bengal Warriors match review

Oct-14-2017 Post / tamil-thalaivas-vs-bengal-warriors-match-review-3

The Bengal Warriors solidified their position at the top of Zone B with a victory against the Tamil Thalaivas. Granted that the future of both these teams had been sealed prior to the match, but the atmosphere and performances on show were a spectacle for any dedicated Kabaddi fan. Maninder Singh's superb 12-point performance was clearly the highlight, but the Thalaivas defence were just not up to the challenge on the night.

Neither team let the other take control early on, and the beginning was a series of low-pressure plays designed to draw out the opposition. The Thalaivas managed to draw out a 6-5 lead in the opening 10 minutes. It took Maninder time to grow into the match but once he got into his groove, the effects were devastating to the Thalaivas. Two consecutive raids from him dealt the Thalaivas their first All Out. The Thalaivas attempts at retaliation fell flat, and they headed into the break trailing by 4 points.

Maninder was quick to take control in the second half, and completed his Super 10 . The Thalaivas seemed like a lost cause but a 2 point raid from Prapanjan breathed some life into them. Shortly after he  was caught out in the middle of a do-or-die raid. This moment spelled out the predictable end of this match, and a tackle on Ajay Thakur from Surjeet Singh was all it took to seal the result in favor of the Warriors before they head into the playoffs.